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the Multi-Talented Jordan Kensington: The Entrepreneur: founder of the Urban Music Awards

The British entrepreneur, artist, actor, songwriter, television and radio host, and most notably the , Jordan Kensington has an impressive list of credentials. In this post, we will examine Jordan Kensington's background, from his formal education to his professional music industry career, including his many accomplishments and contributions.


Jordan Kensington is a native Briton who attended a number of top schools. His Wikipedia page states that he received a degree in Business Management from the University of Westminster in London.

In addition to his degree in filmmaking from the New York Film Academy, he also has a certificate in audio engineering from London's SAE Institute.

Business Professions:

During the late '90s, Jordan Kensington began his career in the music industry as a radio host for underground stations in London. After that, he became an A&R consultant and producer for different record labels, where he helped hone the skills of up-and-coming artists.

Jordan Kensington created the annual Urban Music Awards in 2003 to honour the best hip hop, R&B, soul, and jazz musicians from six different countries. Since its inception, the awards show has grown to become a major fixture in the urban music industry, drawing both established and rising stars.

Jordan Kensington has participated in a number of musical projects, including the Urban Music Awards. Along with his work as a TV and radio host for various stations, he is also the creator of the Urban Music Seminar, a series of conferences and workshops for aspiring music industry professionals.

There is no denying Jordan Kensington's importance to the music business. As of 2011, he was one of the 100 most influential black Britons on the Powerlist 100. David Cameron, the former prime minister of the United Kingdom, presented him with the Point of Light award in recognition of his humanitarian efforts.

British entrepreneur, artist, actor, songwriter, television and radio host, and musician Jordan Kensington has made significant contributions to the field of music.

With his extensive training as a radio host, producer, A&R consultant, and event organiser, he has risen to the top of the urban music industry. Jordan Kensington has inspired a new generation of music industry professionals through the Urban Music Awards and his other music-related ventures, which help to promote and celebrate the achievements of urban music artists.

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