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Explosive Beatz

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Our team is made up of talented professionals who come from diverse backgrounds, which gives Explosive Beatz an unbeatable advantage: multidisciplinary expertise. We are a friendly and creative bunch, and look forward to helping your brand advance and adapt to today’s needs.

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Jamie Lane

Media Relations Specialist

Jamie Lane has an infectious energy, enthusiasm, and love for public relations that is evident through their proven track record of success. Their cross-industry knowledge and expertise has made them an invaluable member of our team.

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Drew Carlyle

Account Executive

With an approach that goes above and beyond the call of duty, Drew Carlyle is a proactive strategist and in it for the long-haul. Skilled in developing engaging stories that captivate audiences and are not easily forgotten.

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Ash Marcus

Brand Strategist

An award-winning Brand Strategist, from the minute Ash Marcus joined our team they have been making an impressive impact with their creative ideas and solutions. They are an expert in handling multi-faceted campaigns that create major media buzz.

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